Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Services & Conditions

Our team is composed of Sports Medicine Specialists! We are trained to treat athletes of all ages and skill levels to return them to optimal performance levels. Our sports medicine team is well renowned within The Crossroads for our work with local athletes at the high school as well as the collegiate level. Our goal is to get you back in the game. If you are sidelined with an injury, rest assured that we will provide you with an individualized treatment plan with our number one priority to return you to the game you love.

Here are the primary Sports Medicine Services provided to athletes in Crossroads Area:
- ACL Repair and Reconstruction:

The only orthopedic surgeon in a 100 mile radius to offer quad tendon autograft. Which is proven to be the strongest ACL graft available.

- Rotator Cuff Repair (RCR)

The only orthopedic surgeon in 100 mile radius, who performs an arthroscopic double row rotator cuff repair utilizing Arthrex technology.

For challenging and revision cases, we also utilize Smith and Nephew Regeneten patch to enhance fixation strength.

- Labral Repair
- Biceps Repair
- Tendonitis
- Shoulder Stabilization (Bankart, Alpsa, Hagl)
- Tommy John Surgery
- Tennis Elbow Surgery
- Sprains and Strains
- Fractures and Muscle Weakness
- Pain and General Injuries
- Torn Cartilage and Joint Injuries (or instability)
- Torn Ligaments

Patient Testimonials

Throughout my injury, Dr. Perez was always there for me and supported my athletic dreams to become the gymnast I strived to be. He has invested so much of his time and interest in my injury and my gymnastics career post-surgery which continues through today. Anytime I need to visit with him, he always makes himself available and makes sure that everything is precise to ensure a healthy releasement after each visit.