Pediatric Conditions

Pediatric Services & Conditions

Given that children's bodies are still developing, including their bones, muscles, and joints, children's orthopedic conditions are highly unique. Our skilled staff knows how to properly treat these conditions in growing children, as well as young adults, to provide quality care (and peace of mind to their parents/caregivers).

Common pediatric conditions treated:

Supracondylar humerus fractures

Wrist fractures

Fractures of the growth plate

Fractures of the tibia/fibula (flexinail) and the ankle.

Patient Testimonials

My Dr had recommended I see an orthopedic Dr after an X-ray showed there were issues with my hip, beginning bone on bone. [...] I was anxious because I didn't feel I needed surgery. I had heard good things from several friends about Dr. Perez so I got an appointment. I cannot express how relieved I was to talk with him. He reassured me that his plan was to take a couple of steps before ever discussing surgery, especially since I was not in any pain. We would start with some medication when I was in pain, then possibly shots when and if the pain got worse, and only then would we discuss surgery. I was so relieved. He even gave me his cell number in case I started having pain and he would prescribe the necessary medication. I left his office so relieved and thankful he was not in any hurry to do surgery. Hoping it will be many years before I need to call him, but I do know I will not hesitate to call him.