Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement Services

Minimally invasive joint replacement surgery is a procedure that aims to achieve a smaller incision, thus improving the surgical outcome with less post-operative pain and a faster recovery period.

Dr. Perez and his team are eager to discuss advanced surgical options with you. They specialize in the following:

Stryker (ankle)

Smith and Nephew's Orthopedic Reconstruction (knee and hip)

DePuy (shoulder)

Depuy Delta Extend
Total Ankle
Muscle Sparing Approach

Patient Testimonials

A few years ago it became evident that I needed a hip transplant. My family physician referred me to Dr. Perez. I had convinced myself that if I ever needed surgery I would go to Houston or Austin. My physician said if you meet with Dr. Perez and still want to go elsewhere, I'll refer you. Well, after about 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Perez I knew I had met my surgeon. He's caring, listened to my concerns, and never made me feel that any question I had, was not important. When surgery was scheduled, he even gave me his cell phone number and said to feel free to call any time I had concerns or questions!!!!! The surgery, post-op, and follow-up appointments, only reinforced my faith in him. Meeting Dillon was the same. Never arrogant or dismissive!! They are an awesome team, and I can't praise them enough. So, a couple of years later when I needed a shoulder replacement, they were my surgeons. They were as kind and caring through that surgery too. I would highly recommend these two fine surgeons!!!!